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Group Coaching Program

You’ve hit a bump in the road. You get up and keep going through the motions but nothing really feels satisfying anymore. You really have no idea what you genuinely want out of life. Nothing specific or concrete. Pretty soon you come to a fork in the road and you HAVE to make a decision…some decision, any decision. 

You’re a mom…and life before your little one was born seems so simple and it feels like it was a lifetime and a half ago. You look back on that time and think, man who was that girl? She seems all too foreign to you now. Is this how it’s supposed to be, you wonder?

I believe that those of us who are called to be parents get sucked into that life. At some point, when you’re able to breathe, after the haze of the first year of life is over, you recognize that you’ve lost yourself entirely. And then the realization hits that you have no idea how to get back to normal…and this is often terrifying and depressing. 

You begin to yearn for more – to be more. To daydream of the time when it was simple and life didn’t consist of diaper changes, the incessant exhaustion, and begging a small human to just sit on the potty just once…68,392 snacks later and if you hear the word mom again you might scream…

Before you grab the wine (or let’s be honest – the vodka) keep reading! 

I believe that you deserve more. I believe that the little voice inside that’s asking, is this all there is, really does Need an answer. And the answer is no! If you feel called to serve the world in more than one way, you’re not alone. If you feel called to have something that’s just yours you aren’t alone. Raising a good human is INSANELY important but it isn’t all you were meant for. 

I mean okay, sure, but what am I supposed to be doing? And why can’t I be satisfied to be just their momma? I have this enormous pipe dream going on in my head…there’s no way to do that and be a good mom, right? 

That my dear is simply a matter of perception. And my job is to help you adjust and find balance. 

That’s what I’m here for. To offer gentle guidance and help you figure out who you are now, deep down and what would fill you up. To figure out what would light you up entirely and how to BALANCE the different parts of your life. How to manage it all in a way that is deeply satisfying. And how to get back to being the woman you were always meant to be. I’m here to help you find yourself and fall in love with that human. 

Juggling it all can be tough and having someone along for the ride who will NOT Judge you, who won’t belittle your choices, and who’s only real motivation is to help you find your joy and your peace can be life saving. 

Are you ready to jump?



What’s included:

  • Limited to groups of 5
  • 1 Personal Tarot card pull to tell you what to focus on this month
  • 1 Group call per month
  • Approximately 90 min per session
  • Calls are conducted via zoom
  • 24/7 access to me via email (I will reply during normal business hours)
  • Free facebook community
  • More details below

Price: Currently priced at $15 per month

 $25 per month

I cannot stress enough how much people need Amber’s honest life coaching. She tells the facts like they are and lays out for me what I need to do to accomplish my goals. Yet, she’s also the greatest cheerleader I’ve ever had in my life and encourages (or politely kicks me in the butt) whenever I need that push through a challenge.

Amber pushed me out of my comfort zone. She challenged me to learn how to say no. She also provided a much needed outside prospective to help guide me in my decisions great and small.

It’s the best thing that you didn’t know that you needed. Do it for your future and your sanity.

Antonia J

Makeup Artist

“I highly recommend mindset coaching with Amber. She is very personable and has the ability to connect with her clients quickly and begin working towards their goals. My sessions with her truly helped me pave a path toward my future as the happiest, least anxious version of myself.”

What you’ll get from our time together :

  • Time: I may not save you time but I’m going to make the time matter. I’m going to help you figure out what the heck to do with your time.
  • Love: Some people need help finding themselves and falling in love with who they are right now. I do that with soft gentle guidance and exercises and regular contact.
  • Health: Joy is a hell of a medication. And I help people release stress and anguish and find their joy again.
  • Money: If you come to me for help finding the right career or to start a business I will help you dive deep and uncover what that business is and this could help you double, triple, or quadruple your current income.

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