Hey love,

It wouldn’t be a wellness brand if we didn’t talk about fitness at some point right? I am a certified personal trainer here in the Salt Lake City area. When the gyms are open I work at the West Valley City Family Fitness Center. If you live in the area and are looking for a trainer, hit me up. I also do workouts for folks who have their own gyms and equipment in their homes.

That said at the time of writing this email we are in quarantine still and even for a while after we get out it may be safer to workout from home. So with that in mind I really want to give you a brief rundown on what you would need to effectively workout in your home.

Most people when they think home gym images of Pinterest worthy rooms designated just for working out spring to mind. Easy now! While I love your spirit and your gumption I think starting small and growing into your home gym is the way to do this. You need to figure out whether you even like working out at home first. Some people are much, MUCH more consistent when they get out of their home and into a gym. It’s a great place to meet others who are also on the same journey and find a personal trainer. Cycling classes, yoga classes, and a ton of other options are a great way to figure out what you love (and what you don’t). Using someone else’s equipment is a cool way to figure out which equipment might be essential for your home gym and which may not be.

Just a heads up. Some of the links may be affiliate links. Meaning that if you click on it and you purchase something I may receive a small commission which in turn means you will help me pay bills and feed my family. I thank you dearly in advance.

So what is essential for a beginners home gym?

1. Exercise Bands – I could not find the exact ones I have but these are amazing and you get 4 bands. My set only came with 3. They are weighted. I use these for squats and working my legs.

2. Nutribullet Pro – This thing makes a killer smoothie and it’s robust enough to break up kale and spinach and even nuts!

3. Adjustable Weights – If you are just starting out and you don’t want to spend a ton of money these will work for you for a while. That said they aren’t my fav thing in the world and they will eventually not be enough for you. At that point though you would most likely be ready for some good solid neoprene weights and have a better understanding of what your needs are. Buying one set at a time as you move your way through your journey is an affordable option. Or you may decide you just need to skip that expense and get a gym membership! Either way this is a decent starter option.

4. An Exercise Mat – These are just nice to have. It’s a non-slip surface so you won’t slide around. If you are on carpet you aren’t wearing down your carpet while you’re doing those mountain climbers. (I like this one because it has a strap.)

5. Resistance Bands – Ladies and gentleman this is one of the few things you can buy that will allow you to get a FULL body workout. And they are great. The kind I have are not on Amazon anymore but the ones I’m linking look to be higher quality than the ones I have AND the exercise sheet that is shown is incredibly thorough.

6. The first time I tried a foam roller I thought I might die. It truly is the best and worst thing in the world for sciatic pain, back pain, and any kind of muscle ache. These rollers are a really good way to massage your muscles a bit (called myofascial release) before and after a good workout. This beginner version is a great way to see if you even like the technique before you go out and upgrade to the heavy duty ones.

P.S. you don’t have to go buy all of these things right away. It’s something you can do slowly and over time.

These are the first six things I’d personally buy for a home workout space. Later on I will create an entire page with all of my recommendations and even create some content as to why I like each thing. I hope you have a fabulous day.