Amber Slocum Wellness

Creating a solid foundation for true growth and change

How Can I Be Of Service?

I work with men and women in the Salt Lake City Valley.

I offer training at the West Valley City Family Fitness Center. 

Whether your goals include weight loss, pain management, or just feeling better in your own skin I’ve got you. Let’s go on this journey together.

I am a certified personal trainer on a mission to help women get strong, confident, and healthy all while falling in love with themselves exactly where they are right now!

Does this sound like something you need?

Personal Training

I can also train at:

  • West Valley Family Fitness Center
  • At your gym (where permitted)
  • Individual or Couples Training available


Individual Sessions – $50/session**

Couples – $90/session**

**The cost of the session covers your entry into the gym. Membership not required. 

I want you to fall in love with you you are right now as we work to get you where you want to be, physically and mentally.

I release a podcast weekly where I talk about life, love, health and everything in between. I include actionable tips on how to get your life on track and how to do better in order to be better. Check that out here